Red rice stem cells & how they aid in skin cell regeneration

Once we reach the age of mid 30’s, our facial skin goes through a decrease in flexibility and firmness with an increased tendency to form wrinkles. Wouldn’t we all want a solution to deal with this increased tendency and keep the glow even though our skin ages?

Lambre has listened to your needs!

With the help of ground-breaking technology and revolutionary discoveries in cosmetology, we have created for you a breakthrough in skin cell rejuvenation and regeneration: Lambre Zen range!

A blend of traditional and modern methods, Lambre Zen for intensive regeneration of skin at cell level. It has been inspired by the unique world of plants and scents from the far east. The secret is in the ingredient which is extracted from the plant of red rice’s stem cells!

What are Plant stem cells?

Plant stem cells are unique live cells which are able to replicate infinite times for their entire life and convert into different cell forms due to which plants can recreate new organs such as leaves, stem, flower and seeds!

How are they helpful with skin stem cells?

The activity of skin stem cells decreases with age, which has a negative impact on the regeneration & renewal process. The skin starts to grow older more quickly, it becomes dry, it becomes more prone to irritation and harmful radiation of the sunrays, it becomes thinner and delicate, heals slowly & loses its firmness, flexibility & youthful glow!

Stem cells of the skin are approximately 2-7% of all live cells of the skin’s epidermis layer. Skin stem cells allow proper regeneration & reconstruction of the epidermis. This results in renewing the epidermis regularly approx. every 30-40 days. Thanks to the replicating property of the plant stem cells the renewed cells move towards the top layer of the skin replacing the cells which are naturally damaged and exfoliated.

Why Red rice stem cells?

The selected extract from the red rice stem cells, acquired without harming the plant thanks to modern biotechnology, regenerates the stem cells of human epidermis and activates these cells in a deeper layer of the epidermis.

Basically red rice stem cells are known to serve the following functions:

  1. They affect the longevity of human epidermis stem cells, restoring their functions and division abilities resulting in skin regeneration with better renewal process and slowing of ageing.
  2. They protect the stem cells of the skin against unavoidable stress & harmful external factors such as UV rays, air pollution, chemical toxins, cigarette smoke etc.
  3. It strengthens the skin’s external barrier so it soothes the irritation and inflammation processes
  4. It stops water loss from the internal layers of the skin, improving hydration levels
  5. It acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin against harmful substances.
  6. It enhances the skin reparation process due to which, the skin is able to heal better and grow old slower than usual.

Along with the extract from red rice stem cells, Lambre Zen line is composed of ingredients such as:

– Tsubaki oil – often called as japanese secret of beauty

– SPF 15 – sun protection filter

– Lotus flower water – to keep the skin intact with it’s youthful glow

– Cocoa butter – to restore the skin’s tenderness and softness

– Eyeliss – an output of modern technology which makes the skin firmer and more flexible along with properties to fight against inflammatory conditions.

For all the women with mature skin, worried about their skin condition, Lambre is here to swoop off all your worries! Checkout our website for more information regarding our skincare range and get your skin Zen-protected!

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