How to Keep Your Skin Beautiful Post 35

As you hit you middle 30’s, your skin metabolism slows down. It means that you suddenly start noticing fine lines, dry skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness. If you have been religious about following a good skin care regime, then your skin stands a better chance at aging better – the texture and appearance may not change drastically from your 20’s. However, that does not mean you do not follow a more grown-up skin care regime to prevent the onset of skin issues.

So, before pigmentation and fine lines become your skin challenge, try this 5-step regimen.

Step 1: Cleansing, toning moisturising should continue to be your skin care must-do. You need to add a little more to your cleansing routine. Use the combination of makeup remover and a face wash gel to clean your skin. Pick face wash with exfoliating actives like AHA since skin’s natural sloughing off process starts to slow down after you turn 35.

Try: Lambre Pure Therapy AHA Face Wash Gel 3 in 1.

Step 2: Use a deeply hydrating and smoothing moisturiser to fight skin dryness as this can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Use a product with hyaluronic acid in it to support your skin’s collagen structure and improve elasticity and suppleness. Try: Lambre DNA Shot Line Day Cream. Also do not forget to use a sunscreen daily with minimum SPF 15. Try Lambre Sun Protection Cream SPF 15.

Step 3: Start taking special care of your under eye, lips and neck areas. Apply a lip butter to keep your lips soft. Use a lightening and toning under eye gel or cream every night. Try: Lambre Zen Intensive Contour Eye Cream. By 35, the skin around your neck area and jawline starts to loosen up. So, massage the area with a specially formulated firming cream every night. Try Lambre Pearl Line Neck & Decollete Cream.

Step 4. Add a treatment serum to your moisturising routine. Apply the serum under your day and night cream after cleansing your skin. Pick serum with anti-ageing and brightening actives.  Try: Lambre Beauty Expert Morning Miracle Active Vitamin C Serum or Lambre Helix Curatio.

Step 5: At night you can change your night cream from simple one to one with special skin nourishers like pearl extract, Tsubaki oil, argan oil, red rice extract, lotus flower water etc. At night, you can start exfoliating your skin thrice a week to prevent dead skin layer build up and then nourish it with a serum, special care cream and a rich night cream.Try: Lambre Zen Advanced Repair Night Cream, Lambre Ultra Hyaluronic Line Wrinkle Filler Night Cream, Lambre Olive Line Night Cream.

Try: Lambre Zen Advanced Repair Night Cream, Lambre Ultra Hyaluronic Line Wrinkle Filler Night Cream, Lambre Olive Line Night Cream.

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