Here’s How to Get the Perfect ‘Dolphin Skin’ Look

The newest glam makeup trend is all about high-shine, glossy, dewy skin – called ‘Dolphin Skin’ look.

The ‘dolphin skin’ makeup is an upgraded take on dewy skin and the major inspo behind it is the adorable sea creature – the Dolphin. Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mary Philips was the first one to term this slick, glowing, and shiny look as ‘Dolphin Skin’. Imagine your skin as you emerge from the pool or the sea after taking a dip – smooth, glowing, wet, and sun-kissed. The idea here is to add uber highlights to the areas on your face where the light hits naturally and have an overall luminous glow without making the skin look greasy. Pair this makeup look with sheer gold liner, glossy nude lipstick, and lengthening mascara.

Here’s the effortless way to ace this look:

Step#1: Start on with a Clean, Hydrated Face

Your skin needs to be clean and well moisturised if you want dolphin skin texture. Gently slough off the dead skin layer and cleanse your skin with Pure Therapy AHA Face Cleanser 3 in 1. With the goodness of natural AHA fruit acids, this cleanser + scrub + mask will offer a deep cleanse while rejuvenating your skin. Once done, massage a few drops of Beauty Expert Morning Miracle Face Serum with Active Vitamin C. With 5% stable vitamin C, this innovative formula will lend a natural glow while brightening your skin. Then apply Olive Oil Line Day Cream to get truly soft and supple skin.

Step#2: Prime to Shine

dolphin skin texturePriming heralds that you will get a smooth canvas to apply your makeup on. You need to use a primer to smoothen out fine lines and minimise open pores. Apply Lambre Illume Primer #2 Pearlescent all over your face to prime your face as well as to add a subtle glow. Imbued with light-reflecting particles, this smoothing & skin-brightening primer offers a soft glow with a dewy finish.

Step#3: Achieve Your Holy Grail Skin Tone

Take hold of your favourite BB cream and use it to even out your skin tone and hide spots or blemishes while allowing your real skin texture to show through. Try Lambre BB+ Cream #1 Light to add natural shine to your skin. This novel makeup gem has nourishing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, green algae, vitamin E, mango fruit extract, and coconut oil. Something that should be your first port of call whenever you try pretty makeup looks.

Step#4: Time to Get Cheeky

Take a fluffy blush brush and dust a shimmering blush on your cheeks, temples, and bridge of your nose. UseCompact Blush in Shy Blushand Contour Face Pressed Powder in Highlighter to get that dolphin skin texture.

Step#5: Play Up with the Eyes & Lips

dolphin skin

To join the ‘dolphin skin’ bandwagon, choose a soft pink lipstick with a creamy finish for your lips. Don’t choose a bold lipstick colour. You can pick lipstick like La Parisienne Lipstick in Amelie for that gorgeous light pink shade. Or resort to French Chic if you want a lighter version of soft pink. For eyes, keep it natural with smudged gold liner and lengthening mascara.

We recommend using  Deep Colour Eye Liner in Copper Gold. With its deep saturated color, this eyeliner offers an intense color finish and lasts up to 10 hours. Plus, it has vitamin E to keep your eyes moisturised at all times.

Step#6: Intensify to Get Eyes on You

As a final touch, apply a liquid highlighter on the areas of your face that would catch light naturally – cheekbones, temple, bridge of your nose & brow ridge, and Cupid’s bow. The aim is to get a wet look, shimmering dewiness. And for this, apply Illume Primer on these areas and you are all set with your ‘Dolphin Skin’ look!

Down to try easy cute makeup looks? Start with the dolphin skin look – something delightful enough to make a cameo on your Insta. Keep scrolling Lambre Beauty Blog for more makeup looks like these.

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