9 Beauty Must-Haves for Your Skin Care Kit

Enjoying healthy skin needs some work, you need to kit up with the right tools and products. Having the right creams and potions at hand takes the stress out of keeping up with your skincare regime. And this is why it’s wise to pack the beauty essentials that are up your street in your skin care kit. Stock up these skincare must-haves in your dopp kit and you are ready to go without any worries!

#1: Cotton Pads/Muslin Squares

You will need cotton pads to wipe away your makeup before removing its remnants with a cleanser. Cotton pads you buy should be soft and without any fibre sticking out. Instead of regular face towels, keep a soft muslin cloth in your skin care kit and just pat it on your face post washing. Muslin squares are gentler on the skin and sop up water quickly without hurting your skin.

#2: Facial Headband

When engaging in your CTM routine, you will want to keep your hair away from your face. For this, use a cotton bandana or headband. They are a fuss-free way to tackle your tousled hair. Moreover, they keep your forehead sweat-free at all times.

#3: Makeup Remover

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A good makeup remover is a must-have stable in your dopp kit, especially if you are a makeup junkie. A makeup remover in the form of cleansing milk or gel can be a boon to you as they don’t leave nary a trace of makeup on your face. Also, you seriously don’t need to invest in eye makeup removers since good makeup removers will take care of that most stubborn eye-makeup too. Try investing in Lambre Pearl Line Milk For Dry & Aged Skin if you have dry, normal, or mature skin. The novel Pearl Complex in this formulation cleanses effectively while instilling hydration in your skin cells. Here is other makeup removal stuff you can add to your skin care kit:

#4: Face Cleanser/Face Wash

A cleanser suited to your skin type and condition always cuts the mustard when it comes to achieving clean and healthy skin. To wash away grime & toxins from your skin and restore dull & lifeless skin, invest in an AHA face cleanser. This magic cleanser with AHA fruit acids will add to the feel-good factor of squeaky, clean skin. Plus, its 3x formula will offer your skin a bouncy radiance. And that too without those gimmicky filters! 

#5: Facial Scrub

Scrubbing may be the favourite thing you do to your skin. And why shouldn’t? Exfoliating your skin eradicates those pet peeve dead skin cells that contribute to frazzled skin. Grab a face scrub with finely milled powder or tiny granules. Smaller the granules or scrubbing particles, the less abrasive they are on your skin. You can also resort to peeling gel scrubs or a simple DIY sugar scrub – whatever you fancy.

#6: Rosewater Spray

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Rosewater works amazingly well to refresh and hydrate your skin. It also quickly balances the pH levels of your skin. A couple of spritzes on your face on a dry hot day can instantly offer your skin a hydration boost. If you are looking out for a toner to add in a skin care kit for oily skin, add TTO Line Tonic to your bag. Those with dry, normal, or aged skin can take heart in Pearl Line Tonic. The Pearl extracts in this tonic make for an incredibly nourishing and refreshing experience you won’t forget anytime soon. 

#7: Day Cream

A moisturising day cream is vital for preserving your skin’s natural hydration levels throughout the day. It also creates a subtle base if you are planning to put makeup on. Want a cream that does double duty? Then pick up a cream with SPF like Zen Supreme Correction SPF 15 Day Cream – an advanced formula with lotus flower water + red rice stem cells. It provides intense hydration, lessens wrinkles, and guards the skin against UV rays. A blessing for those over 30! Wear Sun Protection Cream SPF 15 over it for extra protection. 

#8: Serum

Moisturisers are good but serums reign supreme when it comes to offering hydration and addressing your skin care concerns. Give Beauty Expert Morning Miracle, 100% Vitamin C a whirl – a formulation boosting with 5% vitamin C that adds moisture and radiant glow to your skin. Plus a clear lifting effect as claimed by 65% of respondents in confirmed research! 

#9: Night Cream

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Your skin needs to restore from the havoc it suffers due to everyday environmental stressors. So, buying a rich night cream with skin healing actives is a wise idea. Those in their mid-30s or 40s can count on Zen Night Advanced Repair Night Cream while those over 40+ can try DNA-Shot Line Night Cream For Aging Skin. The latter possesses black caviar extract that is known to repair the skin by stimulating collagen production. Use it to fill your wrinkles and crow’s feet by 70%!

Invest in these skin care essentials and pack them in your skin care bag to make the most of your skincare routine – anytime or anywhere! Read Lambre Beauty Blog for our best-kept beauty secrets.  



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