Top 8 Makeup Trends to Follow This New Year

It’s the New Year – a perfect time to repair, regenerate and refresh ourselves. Get ready to break old habits especially when it comes to your makeup looks and opt for new makeup trends to make everything a bit exciting. Welcome change and rear your feminine side by celebrating the natural looks of the season. This year, follow the minimalist strategy and focus on barely-there looks that are low maintenance. Or try something unusual like metallic purple lips. So, come and try these makeup trends that are a huge hit this season.

#1: Make the Most of Your Natural Complexion with Shimmer

Matte skin looked good at parties last season. This year, you need to show up with dewy, shimmery skin. The trick is to use an illuminator makeup base with gold tones to enhance your natural skin tone. Earlier, the trend was to hide the flaws with layers of heavy foundation. But this year is all about following ‘less is more’. So, use sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser for barely-there coverage. One of the best ways to get the sparkly, dewy glow is to use an illuminating primer with your liquid foundation. Then, highlight the high points of your face with a shimmer powder or a bronzer.

Pick up fine shimmer powder in pearl tones and pink-hued shimmery blush to complete your look.

#2: Try Achieving Flushed Cheeks

shimmer powder
Makeup looks

Create a vivid impact by glowing naturally with flushed warm cheeks that look inviting as well as invigorating. To create the look that screams the best of ‘health’, use an earthy pink or plum blush to get a stain of colour on your cheeks. The look should be scaled down and deconstructed so avoid highlighting your cheekbones. Instead, warm some cream blush between your finger and dot and blend over the apple of your cheeks to achieve the natural flushed look. You can even use your sheer pink or coral lipstick to get the effect.  Blend so that the colour is barely there and finish off with a bit of shimmer powder or cream. Make sure to blend your blush downwards instead of going towards your temples.

#3: Ditch the Perfectly Lined Lip Look

This year, the lip look is less than perfect. To heighten your pout power, aim to enhance your lip’s natural shape. But do not do that by rimming your lips with a dark lip liner. Dark lip liners tend to give an illusion of thin lips. Instead, use them as a lip colour. You can use a nude liner to trace the natural shape of your lips and then fill it in with creamy lipstick in plumstrawberry, red wine, or earthy pink shades with gold flecks in them. A sensual take on the New Year makeup look is to apply the lip colour using your fingers to get a stained finish.

#4: Achieve Soft yet Defined Eyes

Want to try New Year makeup looks featuring soft and tender eye makeup? The main aim here is to make this makeup look stylish and understated. Shimmer eyeshadows like greens, amethyst, blues, and opal can be used to do the eyes. Use coloured liners and go creative with your lined eye look. Apply your eyeliner close to lashes while drawing it outside the outer corner of the eyes. Or try a smudged look by blending the liner on your lid. Finish off by defining your lashes using lash building mascara or lengthening mascara in black. To get the smoky effect, smudge your mascara at the roots near the outer corner of your eyes. 

#5: Experiment with Fun Colors

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Do you shy away from wearing a purple lip colour? Or trying out that cobalt blue eyeshadow that perfectly matches your outfit? This year, embrace new colors with open arms to create fun and compelling makeup looks. For those easy makeup looks, try something like olive green eyeshadow and nude lips. Add an uplifting factor to your look with purple lips and wear brown contact lenses to standout. Or you can try fun yet bright bold colors like cobalt blue, sage green, or even electric blue. Just make sure to stay minimalist and just accentuate your natural features with colours. 

#6: Go Nostalgic

The nostalgic makeup look is a great way to cherish yesteryear’s trends. You can go for a look that’s an ode to the ‘90s or even ’60s to bring back the memories of the era. For this, use soft pink eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick for your look. Use your eyeshadow and eyeliners to create graphic shapes. You can use white eyeliner that was a huge hit in the past. If you crave something refreshing, use blue coloured eyeliner

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Well, the nostalgic makeup look is about matte rather than shimmer. So, use a matting foundation in a natural shade to achieve a velvety matte finish. Don’t use shimmer powder or an illuminator. Instead, use compact powder in earthy tones like beige or brown for a fresh finish. Feel free to use muted colours including pistachio, aquamarine, sage green, tan, baby blue, or crimson red. 

#7: Prefer Glossy Lips over Matte Lips

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Glossy lips are a trend that will never fade away. No doubt those nude lips have been the major hype for years but you can’t ignore glossy lips that will perfectly offset your minimal makeup look. So, choose bold and bright lips over matte or nude lips. Rock your look with a bold lip colour like wine red or plum and wear a gloss over it. Alternatively, you can skip the lipstick and directly wear a shiny tinted gloss in colours like purplecherry red, or fuchsia. Wear lots of highlighter for that sassy look you have always craved for.

#8: Don’t Shy but Try Metallics

Who doesn’t like metallic colours? They are like your makeup’s jewelry that adds subtle drama. So, if you want to add a lot of oomph and glitz to your look this year, bring metallic colours in your makeup paraphernalia. You can use metallic eyeshadow like rose, silver, copper, or bronze to create an interesting look for your eyes. Apply a metallic highlighter to make your look extra glamorous. And don’t forget to paint your lips with a metallic lip colour. Try colours like apricot, pink, coral, or purple for breathtaking lips.

Try these makeup trends to stay ahead of the curve. Read Lambre Beauty Blog for fascinating makeup advice, hacks, & more!

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