9 Key Tips to Follow When Choosing Your Makeup

Matte or not-matte skin? Dark lips or soft lips? Makeup trends are defined year after year. But makeup is not inclusive – a look that looks amazing on one may not perfectly accentuate the features of another. The reason we put on makeup is to enhance our looks and highlight our best features. While it is a good idea to remain up-to-date with the prevailing makeup trends and pick up the hottest makeup colours of the season, eventually your makeup is as individual as you are. So, here are some makeup basics and tips to choose makeup products to look your best.

Tip#1: Reckon Your Skin Colour

One of the common problems is that the base colour that looks good on a model or even in the bottle can make you look washed out, too dark, or grey. The simple reason for this concern is – varying skin colour types. Indian women have a very variegated complexion and skin tone. It varies from fairest of fair to duskiest of the dark. In general, Indian complexion can be categorized into four types – starting with fair to medium, then medium to tawny, tawny to dusky, and finally dusky to dark.

So, when choosing your foundation or powder, stick to a shade that exactly matches your complexion. Avoid picking shades that are lighter than your actual colour as it can make your makeup look mask-like. Also, many of us have a combination complexion where one part of the skin may be darker or lighter than the other. If this is the case with you, you will have to use two shades – one that matches the lighter tone of your skin and one that is a shade darker than that. 

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Tip#2: Understand Your Undertone

The second thing to keep in mind while splurging on makeup products is your skin’s undertone. It is the reason why a colour may look different on two women with the same complexion. Well, there are four types of skin tones – pink or cool, yellow, neutral red or warm, and olive undertones. To know your skin’s undertone, just pinch your skin around your jaw or wrist. The colour that appears after you release the skin defines your undertone.

Another easy way to decide your undertone is to see which jewelry metal suits you. If silver looks good on you, you have a cool undertone. If gold matches perfectly with your skin, you own a warm undertone. And if both look good – hey, you lucky! You have got a neutral undertone. 

So, when you are choosing your makeup colours, you will have to keep in mind not only your skin colour but also its undertone. As the pigment settles onto your skin, it must complement your skin’s undertone to enhance your overall complexion.

Tip#3: Your Skin Type Decides Your Product Texture

If you are a neophyte learning makeup basics, understanding your skin type should also be under consideration. Reason – it will help you pick the texture of makeup products meant for your skin. If you have very dry skin, then a creamy or moisturising makeup base is the best choice. If you have fine lines, then using a moisturising primer under your foundation should be your prepping step. Soft illuminating products and cream blushes will work best for you. You can also choose powder products that deliver a silken effect. 

Those with oily or combination skin types should pick a mattifying foundation. For these skin types, powder versions of blush and eyeshadows work best as do matte lipsticks

Tip#4: Choose Eyeshadows That Complement Your Eye Colour

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Although eyeshadows can be picked according to your skin colour, it’s good to go ahead with the ones that best complement your eye colour.

  • If you have black eyes, try shades of golden, bronze, or silver. To make your eyes pop, go for contrasting colours like cobalt blue or metallic/matte green.
  • Brown eyes look best with copper, gold, and blue colours. Also, shades of purple like lavender, dark purple, plum, and eggplant make for a perfect fit for you.
  • Blessed with green eyes? Put on graphite, grey, or charcoal coloured eyeshadow. Tan, brown, and beige will also look good on you.
  • For blue eyes, settle for warm shades and orange tones like bronze and copper. To intensify the colour of your eyes, matching blues and even silver are your buddies.
  • For hazel-coloured eyes, the best eyeshadow colors include green, copper, purple, fuchsia, and pink.

Tip#5: Pick a Concealer Lighter than Your Skin Tone/Foundation

If you want flawless makeup, invest in a good concealer. While shopping for it, opt for a shade lighter than your skin tone or what you got for your foundation. A trick to reckon the product you are buying is perfect, apply it on the side of your face and blend it. If it blends well, go ahead with it. If you have got dark circles or hyperpigmentation issues, use an orange-coloured corrector or concealer. 

Tip#6: Lip Colors Must Be Darker than Original Lip Colour

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Love those light shades of nude? No matter how much you fancy it, it may not suit you if you have pink lips. The magic trick to make your lips look the best is to use lipstick shades that are darker than your natural lip colour.

  • If you possess pink lips, choose colours like cherry red, crimson red, fuchsia, or wine red.
  • For dark skin tone, choose the deepest red shade, dark brown, or deep plum/purple.
  • Those with medium tones can make bright pink, pink coral, rose, berry, or coffee brown their everyday companion.
  • If you have olive skin tone, red, pink, and orange shades are the way to go.

Tip#7: Eyebrow Pencils Should Match Your Hair Colour

Want to accentuate your eyebrow shape? Outline it with an eyebrow pencil that best matches the color of your eyebrow. If you have got black hair, use a black-brown pencil to fill your brows. Love colouring your hair with warm shades of brown? Depending on the hue of your hair colour, go for shades like light brown or dark brown.

Tip#8: Settle for a Blush That Complements Your Undertone

For a natural look, choose a blush with the same undertone as your skin. So, if you have a warm or neutral red skin tone, select a warm blush shade. Women with pink or cool undertones can get along with rose pink or pearly pink blush. However, if you wish to add a pop of colour to your cheeks, choose a product with the opposite undertone as your skin.

For a highlighter, bronze or gold-coloured product perfectly accentuates medium to dark skin tones. Pearl or champagne shades raise the glam quotient for fair skin tones.

Tip#9: Use Contrasting Eyeliner Colours on Your Eyes

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Using brown eyeliner on brown eyes or black one on black eyes is quite monotonous. For an extraordinary look, use contrasting colours to outline your lash line.

  • For brown eyes, use midnight blue or amber eyeliner to highlight the natural eye colour.
  • Red goes well with green. So, pick eyeliner with a reddish undertone like amethyst if you have green eyes.
  • To make blue eyes look dazzling, outline the lash line with gold or copper eyeliner.
  • If you have hazel eyes, gold or emerald will perfectly emphasise your eye color.

Choosing the type of eyeliner – pencil eyeliner is great for newbies or if you want to create a smokey eye look. If you crave a softer and smudged look, choose gel eyeliner. For a dramatic or sharp look, liquid eyeliners are a perfect pick. However, if you are new in the world of makeup, pick a pen eyeliner that will give you the look of a liquid eyeliner without much hassle. 

Pro Tip: You can also use eyeshadow colours as the eyeliner. It is an easy way to achieve those soft and smudged lines. But as liquid eyeliners, it calls for sufficient practice to apply the gel eyeliner perfectly.


1. How to Choose Foundation Shade?

If you follow the above makeup basics, you will get an idea of how to choose foundation. Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone. While testing it, don’t use your hand. Apply it on your jawline or sides of your face. If it blends well, it’s the right one for you.

how to choose foundation
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2. How to Choose Lipstick?

Choose lip colours that are one or two shades darker than your original lip colour. Pink skin tone should choose reds; dark tones should settle for deep reds; medium tones should try dark pink colours and so on. If your skin tone is tan, opt for nudes with a peach undertone.

3. How to Choose Concealer?

When buying a concealer or corrector, go for the one that’s a shade lighter than your skin colour. Just like foundation, apply it on the sides of your face. If it blends easily and well, it is good to go.

Get along with these makeup basics to pick the right makeup products. Want to try new makeup looks? Explore Lambre Beauty Blog.


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