Tips On How To Stay Svelte Like A French Woman

Have you ever wondered why the Parisian woman looks so fit, svelte, and completely put together in an effortless way? It’s their almost laid-back approach to life that seems to do the trick – their diet and fitness plans included. The French lifestyle is all about not overdoing anything – it’s about moderation.

Here are 5 tips to try out to stay fit like La Parisienne:

  1. Following a mindful eating habit should be the first step to staying fit. Understanding the flavours and the value of each item in your dish helps you to not only enjoy your meal, but also gain maximum health benefits. Think of your mealtime as something to enjoy and not something to rush through. Chew every bit and take in flavour and aroma of your food.
  2. Commit to small serving size. Enjoy every kind food in small portions. Instead of going on crash diets and following food fads, pick up small amount of food and eat slowly and mindfully.
  3. Eat seasonal produce that delivers the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs in that climate. You eat healthy and do not overload your body with preservatives and artificial flavours. Try to cook at home and eat as much freshly made food as possible. Drink lots of water – try antioxidant rich fruit infused water that helps to satiate sudden hunger pangs.
  4. Instead sweating it out at the gym, French women prefer to walk everywhere. They like to stroll down to the shop to pick up grocery. This is not only good for your body but also for your mind. The walk or a lazy stroll helps to relax tensed mind. When you walk around your neighbourhood or even through a mall, your senses are alive as you notice new things around you.
  5. Pamper yourself like La Parisienne. Pamper your body with calming sessions of yoga – no hot yoga for the French Woman; more like a restorative session after the workday to relax the mind and tone the body. This extends to their beauty treatments as well. So no poking or pinching the skin, rather soothing treatments that heal the skin and bring out the glow from inside.

The French Woman knows how to enjoy her life – enjoy good food, a chat over coffee with friends and look good without really stressing over following trends or fashion fads. That’s way to be.

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