Monsoon Skin Care Tips: For A Healthy & Glowing Skin

The pitter-patter of raindrops outside your window edges you towards a nostalgic feel-good mood. While your mind is playing happy songs, your skin might not be as jubilant. Though the rainy season means no harsh UV rays, it does equate to moisture and infections which mandates the need for some monsoon skin care tips

Monsoon Skin Care Tips

What are the Common Skin Problems During Monsoon?

Before we dive into monsoon skin care tips, it is important to know the problems you might be subjected to during the season. Some of them are as follows:

Acne: Depending upon your skin type, you are likely to suffer from acne during the monsoons during the over secretion of oil. If you don’t keep your skin clean and dry, these acne will continue to be your monsoon companion. 

Lambre’s Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream, a moisturising agent designed for acne prone skin can help you hydrate your skin adequately without activating your sebaceous gland. 

Monsoon Skin Care Tips

Hyperpigmentation: A humidity related skin issue, it is usually characterised by dark patches that usually occur across the skin. This usually happens due to the overproduction of melanin when the sunlight is hazy, similar to when during the monsoon. Lambre Beauty Expert Morning Miracle Vitamin C Face Serum is pumped with Vitamin C antioxidant that allows the skin to revitalize and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Dryness due to Dehydration: Skin care in monsoon requires effort because water consumption reduces, leading to dehydration that has a direct impact on the skin. It becomes dry and flaky with a tint of unhealthy look. 

Myth: Don’t use moisturisers during monsoon.

Even though there is moisture in the air, there is no reason to skip that moisturiser. What you may think of as moisture is oil secretion that needs to be cleaned often to prevent skin infection. Moisturise, always. 

However, as always, we have a solution to your dilemma with our list of simple monsoon skin care tips that you can adopt to keep your skin healthy and happy

Monsoon Skin Care Tips

1.Cleanse Your Face Regularly

Oil secretion is a given during the monsoon season. For simple measures, you can create your own face mist with water and aloevera gel or rose water that you can spray from time to time. 

  • You can also keep soft wet wipes handy which are highly effective in pulling away the dirt and oil from the skin. 
  • In case you find yourself without a mist spray or wet wipes, choose a blotting paper and dab it lightly on the skin to absorb extra oil. 
  • However, the best way to keep the sticky situation at bay is to regularly cleanse it with a gentle cleanser.
  • Lambre’s Pure Therapy AHA face cleanser is a 3 in 1 face wash that washes, peels and exfoliates as per your requirements. 

Monsoon skin care tip - facewash

Since oily skin is the harbinger of dirt, this face wash will work wonders by deeply removing all the impurities and peeling away the top layer of the dead to give you a revitalized and fresh look!

Make it a point to wash your face at least thrice a day, followed by a pat dry. 

2.Whip Up a Tasty Face Mask

If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to love the honey-cinnamon mask. Instead of your tongue, this is a treat for your skin that has the ability to keep your skin free from bacteria as well as inflammation

The mix of honey and cinnamon makes a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent which can be made in a few simple steps. 

  1. Take 1:2 ratio of honey and cinnamon and make it into a smooth paste. 
  2. Wash your face thoroughly and apply this mask, distributing it evenly across your skin. 
  3. Let it stay for 15 minutes or until dry.
  4. Rinse the mask off and pat your face dry. 

This mask has no side effects, unless you have allergies.

In case you don’t have the ingredients or the time, may we suggest you Lambre’s Tea Tree Oil Face Wash Gel? A pH balanced face wash, this product is infused with Melaleuca Tree extracts that works exceptionally well as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. 

Monsoon Skin Care Tips - TTO

Just a pea size quantity of this facewash, thrice a day is enough to control the sebum production and keep your dewy fresh. 

3.Moisturiser is Your Friend

Your monsoon skin care routine is incomplete without a moisturiser. The weather can have adverse impact on your skin in the form of dry patches and scaly surfaces, all thanks to over-exposure to water.

Having a moisturiser can help smoothen the impact of the weather on your skin. If you have dry skin, we recommend going for oil based moisturisers to sail you through. On the other hand, if you have acne-prone skin, water based moisturisers are your best bet. 

For your moisturising needs, add Lambre Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream  to your skin care essentials to keep it supple and nourished, all day long. 

Monsoon Skin Care Tips - Evermatting

If you are looking for more novel options, sheet masks are some of the most popular moisturising agents. From argan oil to berry extracts, your sheet masks offer your skin a plateful of natural goodness. 

If you are someone who cannot avoid going out even during the rainy season, oil based moisturiser will help as it won’t wash off on contact with water. You can also use sunscreens to add the extra layer of moisture while protecting yourself against the random exposure to sun. 

It is bound to give your skin an extra layer of protection in case you get caught in the rain. 

4.Have a Proper Morning and Night Skin Care Routine

Having a proper skin regime is a must in order for a supple, healthy and soft skin. Below are simple skin care routine steps you can follow. 

Monsoon Skin Care Tips - Serum

Morning Routine

Half the battle is won if you have a strict night skin care routine. For your morning routine, following these steps:

1. Cleansing

Use a good cleanser to rid of any oil secretions over the night. It will clean up your pores.


Use a non-alcoholic toner to unclog your skin and regulate your skin’s pH levels. 


Follow up your toner with a moisturiser to reduce sebum production and give your skin an even glow. 

4.Sun Protection

Top it off with a sunscreen – whether it is sunny or an overcast, your SPF dose is a must. 

Monsoon Skin Care Tips - Sunscreen

Night Routine

Going to bed without pampering your skin is an absolute no-go. It is during the night, while you get your beauty sleep, your skin repairs itself. By having a stringent monsoon night time skin care routine, you can reinforce the natural repair.


If you are not wearing makeup, you can start by cleansing your face with a mild face wash, followed by pat dry and a spray of your favourite lightly scented mist. 


Allow your skin to absorb it and add a thin layer of moisturiser. 


Once your skin has absorbed the moisturiser, you can top off the routine with a light eye cream for those under eyes. 

Lambre Evermatting Line Nourishing Night And Under Eye Cream is infused with vitamin B3 and Argan oil, it tends to dark circles and under-eye puffiness. As you rest, this eye cream reduces your pores and deeply nourishes your skin, giving it a matte and anti-wrinkle finish.

5.Stay Light on the Makeup

While we have no qualms about going crazy with makeup, the rainy season calls for a light application. The continuous oil secretion cakes up the makeup and gives it an undesirable look. 

Pore clogging face creams and heavy applicators do more harm than good as they allow dirt and infection to fester and cause adverse impact on the skin.

The trick is to go light on make up during the monsoons and preferably, choose water-proof products. From light-weight foundations to silky illuminators, and melt-proof assortments, the barely there makeup will help you stay on track with your daily grooming without affecting your skin’s health. 

6.Watch What You Eat

Your list of monsoon skin care tips should not miss out healthy food. While there is a lot of mettle in skin care essentials, you cannot negate the impact of diet on your skin’s health. The combination of a good diet and a stringent skin regime works wonders in escalating the quality of one’s skin health.

Monsoon Skin Care Tips - Salad

Apart from consuming lots of water retaining fruits like watermelon, including iron in the form of leafy vegetables is also a good idea to keep your skin cells strong and healthy. 

In case you can, stay away from heavy and avoid processed foods as they are among the main culprits that activate the sebaceous gland, thus, increasing oil production in skin. However, you can go for fish like salmon and mackerel in case you are a foodie. 

For snacking, try picking up a handful of nuts like almonds and nuts that boost Vitamin E production which helps reduce signs of ageing and also comprise antioxidant properties to reduce inflammation. 

It is also important that you drink at least 12 glasses of water everyday to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. 

Egg whites, berries and citrus foods, to name a few are collagen promoting foods. Collagen is very important to maintain your skin’s youthful appeal.

7.Keep the Stress Away

Your brain has a lot to do with your skin health! While the monsoon already casts a grey shadow over moods from time to time, stress can have an adverse impact on your skin. Stress produces cortisol that is directly linked to oil production in skin. 

The more you stress, the greater the oil production that can lead to breakouts and an overall unhealthy skin. Meditation, engaging in hobbies or spending time with loved ones will keep the stress at bay and improve your mental health as well as your skin’s quality and appearance.  

Skin care in rainy season does not have to be difficult! Hope these monsoon skin care tips will help you enjoy an oil free rainy season!

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