Beauty Essentials to Gift Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

No matter how much you tease your sister for her looks, deep inside you know that she is one of the most beautiful women in your life – both inside out. Her charming personality, dynamic charisma, and strong attitude are worth all the praises. Although you don’t have to remind her every day what she means to you, Raksha Bandhan is a great excuse to do that. With the festival just around the corner, it’s high time to plan a special rakhi gift for your loving sister. How about gifting her a skincare gift set that will give her a nudge towards self-care? Or a luxe fragrance that will tell her that she is precious. Here is a list of beauty essentials to spoil her with goodness: 

1. A Luxurious Scent

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If your sister fancies perfumes, nothing will mesmerize her more than a luxe fragrance. A high-end fragrance with incredible note combos can delight her senses in no time. Pick a product from her favourite brand or something you think she will truly adore. How about surprising her with a designer perfume this time? Lambre India has a great collection of unique perfumes for her, all of which are enticing and pleasant. Given below are our top picks you can choose as a rakhi gift:

Lambre City Women Eau De Parfum

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This floral-fruity fragrance makes for a perfect rakshabandhan gift for your sister. The intriguing scent has fruity and citrusy notes at the top. With these, one would also sniff a breath of summer sea breeze combined with the incredible aroma of black currant and flowers. The scent then takes up the honey aroma of brown sugar that’s sweet and soft. Get this perfume for your sister or add it to beauty hamper gifts she will love to have. 

Lambre Y Eau De Parfum For Women

rakshabandhan gift for sisterAnother outstanding addition to beauty hamper gifts would be Lambre Y Eau De Parfum. This fruity-floral scent has an incredible combo of classy notes – citrusy notes at the top, fruity and floral notes in the middle, and musk and sandalwood at the base. Delicate and romantic, this heavenly scent has got no match. Buy it as a gift for sister and present it as a token of your love!

Lambre Women Numeric Collection No 24 Eau De Parfum

gift for sisterLooking for a rakshabandhan gift for sister that exudes positive aromatic energy? Then you can’t go wrong with this one-of-a-kind fragrance from Lambre’s Numeric Collection. A perfect concoction of sensual flowers and exotic fruits, this scent is ideal for summer days. At the core of this scent sits sandalwood and peach notes held by sensual musk notes. At the heart, you will find a refreshing aroma of American jasmine, Rhubarb, and watermelon. The fragrance also has juicy kiwifruit and sizzling rose notes. 

2. Skin Care Gift Baskets

Nothing can beat skin care gift baskets when it comes to a rakhi gift. A skincare gift set that’s loaded with tons of skincare goodies will let your sister be involved in some me-time. And if she loves pampering herself routinely, a skincare gift set will delight her like nothing else. Go for a brand that’s toxin-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Try adding products like face wash, toners, moisturisers, serums, hand cream, etc. to the skincare gift basket. If you are perplexed and don’t know which skincare products will be good for her skin, get the following items from Lambre:

Lambre Pure Therapy AHA Face Cleanser 3 in 1

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Let your sister have the most flawless skin in town by getting her AHA face cleanser from Lambre. This deep-therapy cleanser with natural AHA acids derived from fruit cleanses without having to worry about skin irritation. It has tiny peeling beads that gently scrub the face and help slough off dead skin. Its babassu oil content accelerates cell turnover and fights photoaging. A gift for sister to help her get a bouncy radiance jus

Lambre Pearl Line Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Skin care gift baskets are incomplete without good eye cream. Pearl Line Eye Cream is ready to cut the mustard and treat your sister’s dark circles that are troubling her. Imbued with amino acids & minerals from pearl extract, this eye cream quells dark circles while increasing skin laxity. Its Hydromanil and Moist 24 active ingredients soften skin and make the eye area full of life. The cream also delivers anti-ageing effects and reduces blemishes.

Lambre TTO Line Tonic For Acne Prone Skin

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If acne is your sister’s bugbear, this tea tree oil tonic from Lambre’s famous TTO line tonic is her saviour. With chock full of Australian tea tree oil and chamomile, this elixir calms down acne-prone skin. It lessens pore size so pores won’t clog up, eventually preventing acne formation. This game-changing weapon for acne-prone skin also has AC.NET – a mix of nordihydroguaiaretic and oleanolic acids that reduce sebum production. Incorporate it into a skincare gift set and let it work for her acne-prone skin.

Lambre Zen Night Advanced Repair Night Cream

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Ask your sis – “what worries her the most?” and her answer is likely to be – “wrinkles and fine lines”! If this is the case, help her dispel the signs of her ageing skin with the help of a night cream. Lambre Zen Night Advanced Repair Night Cream is a perfect pick as it battles the first signs of ageing and even slows down the ageing process. Thanks to its active ingredients including red rice stem cells + Tsubaki oil + lotus flower water!

While the stem cells save the precious skin from environmental aggressors, Tsubaki oil moisturises the skin and removes wrinkles by boosting collagen. Lotus flower water hydrates and lends skin a natural glow.

Lambre SPA Spaline Amber Gel Peeling Body Wash

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Let your sister enjoy body spa-like treatment by using Lambre SPA Spaline Amber Gel Peeling Body Wash. This scrub + body wash reduces excess cellulite from the body and makes skin soft and radiant. It heals stretch marks and improves the appearance of the skin. And the credit for this goes to its skincare actives backed by French skincare. The formula has the goodness of amber extract, Photofoam, natural jojoba beads, cranberry Phyto peel, and anti-cellulite complex. Pair it with Lambre SPA Spaline Amber Body Butter for a complete at-home spa treatment!

3. Makeup Gift Set

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If your sister believes in a makeup frenzy, a makeup gift set is the right gift choice for her. She loves her makeup collection and would like to expand it. A makeup gift basket or something like a makeup pouch with makeup essentials will surely take her happiness to the next level. Splurge on the below makeup goodies for your makeup fanatic sis.

Lambre Supreme Primer Make-Up Base Mat & Smooth

A skin-smoothing pre-makeup primer, this makeup base moisturises and preps skin for the choicest makeup looks. Its cream-gel formula absorbs sebum so the skin stays oil-free throughout the day. The cream has light-reflecting particles that offer a flawless glow to the skin. It hides skin imperfections, fills wrinkles and creases, and gives a natural finish. Something with no fragrance, dye, or parabens and suits almost all skin types!

Lambre Classic Glamour Eyeliner In Black

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Girls love to make their eyes look dramatic with eyeliner. This Classic Glamour Eyeliner featuring a deep saturated colour will let them do that effortlessly – in just one stroke. The pigment of this eyeliner is smudge-proof and long-lasting. The eyeliner features a firm felt brush tip one can use to create both thin and thick lines. Ideal for winged eyeliner, cat-eye, natural eyeliner, fishtail liner, and other trendy looks!

If your sis loves creating smokey-eye looks, get her Lambre Eyeliner Deep Colour #27 Smoke that’s perfect for an intense yet soft smokey look.

Lambre Exclusive Classic Colour Lipstick In 08 Pink Coral

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Lipstick is a girl’s best friend and this one is something you will never regret buying for your darling sis. This classy pink coral shade from Lambre looks flattering on all skin types. It has emollient actives that keep lips hydrated including those that are prone to cracks. Despite having extremely saturated pigments, the lipstick is fade-resistant and has incredible staying power. Add this one to her makeup basket along with Lipstick In 29 Apricot Nectar and Lipstick In 28 Nude

4. Hairstyling Tool

Every woman loves doing her hair. Be it a party, corporate event, or simply a weekend getaway with best friends, she wants her hair to look stylish at all times. Let your sissy create her choicest hairstyles by gifting her a hairstyling tool. You can buy her a curling iron, blow dryer, or hair rollers. The best is to pick one from these and combine it with scissors, comb, and hair clippers so she can also chop her hair apart from styling it.

5. Manicure Gift Set

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Save your sister’s hard-earned money she spends on expensive at-salon manicure treatments. A manicure will do this by allowing her to groom her nails right at home. Most manicure kits have the right essentials such as polish remover, cotton balls, scrub, hand lotion, cuticle remover, nail trimmer, nail colors, and even nail jewels. Presenting your sister with such a kit will keep her nails beautiful and healthy. Alternatively, you can gift a nail art kit that will let her decorate her nails for parties and social gatherings.

Whether you decide to buy a skincare gift set or a nail art kit for your sissy, we are sure your favourite partner-in-crime will love it. So, what are you waiting for? The festivity is near so it’s high time to start shopping for her rakhi gift. And don’t forget to make her familiar with Lambre Beauty Blog for amazing beauty secrets!


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