Best Skin Care Products for Healthy Skin in Monsoon

Your skin is subjected to damage like dirt, grime, pollutants, and weather changes play a vital role in influencing your skin’s health. 

Speaking of the weather, skin care in monsoon is an uphill task. While the pouring rain washes away the dust, cools down the heat and gives us a cosy feeling, it pushes our skin to work overtime, thanks to the excess secretion of the sebaceous gland. 

Skin care products

The overproduction of oil in the skin is not very appealing, healthwise as well as aesthetically. Excess oil blocks the pores, leading to bacterial infections, whiteheads and blackheads.

With so many skin issues on the horizon, it pays to invest in quality skin care essentials. It is time to stop compromising on your skin care in monsoon and go for products that help keep the dullness and stickiness away .

Here’s our list of best skin care products that will fit in your daily routine and keep your skin healthy, all through the rainy season. 

1.Lambre TTO Line Gel – Face Wash for Acne

Product Name – Lambre TTO Line Gel – Face Wash for Acne

Price – Rs. 990

Ingredients – Australian tea tree oil, Purple Coneflower and chamomile extracts,        and AC.NET (an acid compost for oil prevention)

Best for: Acne prone skin, oily skin, pigmented skin, and skin ageing. 

Did you know that tea tree oil is one of the most popular natural ingredients often used to fight acne, thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties? Infused with the goodness of this Australian native, the Lambre TTO (Tea Tree Oil) Line Gel Face Wash has been handcrafted to soothe inflamed skin and reduce acne. 

Monsoon Skin Care Products TTO Line

The gentle properties of the face wash helps keep redness and pigmentation at bay, without stripping your skin off its natural oils, leaving it acne free, fresh and glowing. 

In addition to the tea tree oil, Lambre TTO Line Gel Face Wash also has AC.NET, an acid composite. The combination amps up the cleanser’s  antimicrobial goodness. It not only prevents the acne build up but also heals scars and flushes out bacteria from the pores. 

Since, large pores are the oil producing source, the cleanser also minimises the size of the said large pores. This prevents excess oil production. 

Use this cleanser in combination with the TTO Tonic for a fresh and healthy skin during monsoon, 

2. Lambre Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream

Product Name – Lambre Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream

Price – Rs. 1,790

Ingredients – Evermat – combination Enantia Chlorantha bark extract and Oleanolic acid, and EPS Semat – pure polysaccharide from marine plankton

Best for:  Women of all ages with oily and combination skin. Can also be used as a makeup base, thanks to its matte effect. 

Washing your face frequently during the monsoon is a good habit. However, that is just one step when it comes to adding to your list of monsoon skin care products. Using a good hydrating moisturiser is equally important to keep the goodness of a well-nourished skin intact.

Presenting to you, Lambre’s Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream. Highly moisturising, this evermatting day cream has been designed for the oily & combination as well as acne prone skin. 

Monsoon Skin Care Product

Infused with the goodness of evermat extract ( a combination of Enantia Chlorantha bark extract and Oleanolic acid), this evermatting day cream restricts the functioning of oil producing sebaceous glands and tightens open pores to reduce sebum in the skin.  It also plays an important role in curbing the presence of blackheads and pimples, all that are too often during the monsoon. 

In addition to the extract, it has been formulated with oil controlling elements like EPS Seamatt – pure polysaccharide from marine plankton that offers a long-time mattifying effect that keeps the cringey shine look away. 

The combined efforts of these elements not only reduces sebum but also fights against skin ageing with its anti-wrinkle properties that keeps the skin supple and nourished.

The best part about this day cream? It deeply moisturises your skin and keeps oil at bay complete with a matt finish, giving your skin a healthy glow, minus the predictable dullness of other ‘oil controlling’ creams. 

For best results, apply Lambre Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream after washing your face with Lambre TTO Line Face Wash or Lambre Pure Therapy AHA (Alpha-hydroxy acids). 

3. Lambre Pure Therapy AHA 3 in 1 Face Cleanser

Product Name – Lambre Pure Therapy AHA 3 in 1 Face Cleanser

Price – Rs. 990

Ingredients – Babassu oil, AHA – Akomplex Multi Fruit Acid, Peeling Beads made from polylactic acid

Best for: Oily and combination skin

Another very essential product for your skin care bag is the new Lambre Pure Therapy AHA 3 in 1 Face Cleanser. 

  1. Skin Care Products

Why is it called 3 in 1?

This exfoliating cleanser packs a triple punch as it is adept to be used as a wash gel, peel(Scrub) and a mask, making it one of the ideal skin care products for busy people on the go. 

It is important to note that the cleanser becomes a scrub, thanks to the biodegradable peeling beads made from polylactic acid. 

One of the most interesting things about this multitasking cleanser is its primary constituency of AHA (Alpha-hydroxy acids) – a collection of glycolic, malic, tartaric, citric and lactic acid. 

These are derived from five fruit plants: blueberry, sugarcane, maple syrup, orange and lemon that stimulate regeneration of weak skin cells and peels away the dull layer. The extraction process does not irritate the skin and unveils a fresh and supple look. 

The skin renewal properties of this cleanser not only depends on the AHA acid element but the natural goodness of Babassu oil as well. The main ingredient of the Resplanta Babassu is lauric acid that forms a natural defence against microbes and oil.


Cleanser: Apply a coin size amount on a wet face and wash it off. Perfect for everyday use.

Peelant: Apply a small amount on damp skin and gently massage till you roll out the dead skin. Wash it off. Recommended to be used twice a week. 

Mask: Wash your face and pat dry. Apply a thin layer on the damp skin and let it rest for 5 minutes. Avoid areas around the eyes. Use this mask twice a week. 

4. Lambre Pure Therapy Face Wash Gel

Product Name – Lambre Pure Therapy Face Wash Gel

Price – Rs. 775

Ingredients – Babassu oil, Betaine, Allantoin, Oat Beta-Glucan, MG-60, Vitamin B3, Hamamelis Virgininia Extract

Best for: Oily and combination skin

A part of the Lambre cleansing line, Lambre’s Pure Therapy Face Wash Gel is the go-to cleanser for those with a serious makeup routine. 

  1. Monsoon Skin Care Products

Once you are done removing your make up with the Lambre Pure Therapy Make-Up Remover Micellar Gel, follow up with the pure therapy face wash

Pumped with the goodness of Babassu oil, Betaine, Allantoin, Oat Beta-Glucan, MG-60, Vitamin B3, Hamamelis virginianaExtract, this face wash offers better absorption of these naturally nutritious ingredients. 

The natural ingredients blend together to remove particulate matters and gloss over patchy skins to unveil a fresh, supple and healthy skin. 

Perfect for oily skins, this face wash is devoid of SLES, SLS and silicones that strip away your natural healthy oils. This cleanser will help you restore your youthful look without compromising on the smoothness of your skin. 

5. Lambre Porcelain Skin Face Cream Advanced Lightening

Product Name – Lambre Porcelain Skin Face Cream Advanced Lightening

Price – Rs.2,495.00

Ingredients – Skin Moon (extracts from olive leaves, rice grains, red oranges and capparis spinosa. 

Best for: Oily and dull skin

Apart from excessive sebum production, monsoon also means dull and unevenly patched skin. Due to high moisture content in the air, skin discolouration is not unusual.

However, it is necessary to take consistent steps to overcome this problem. 

Lambre’s Porcelain Skin Face Cream Advanced Lightening is your friend!

  1. Skin care products

A 100% vegan product, this day cream works wonders on disheveled skin cells that need advanced treatment. One of the most interesting things about this lightening cream is its patented ingredient – Skin Moon. 

Skin Moon is a natural element. It is made from the combination of extracts from olive leaves, rice grains, red oranges and capparis spinosa. Since it is an organic ingredient it offers a safety layer to the epidermal layer and effectively halts the process of melanogenesis. 

The advanced lightening cream not only helps remove discoloration but also reduces freckles, reverses skin ageing (thanks to the abundant quantities of Vitamin E) and offers protection against the sun – SPF 15.

Women distressed by hyperpigmentation, chloasma, melasma and discoloration, can use Lambre’s Porcelain Skin Face Cream Advanced Lightening for a smooth and even skin colour and texture. 

Apply this cream once a day on a clean damp skin. 

Choose the Right Skin Care Products 

Monsoon is meant to warm your mind and soul with a cup of cocoa and some good company. Allow Lambre skin care to products to pamper you as you enjoy the pouring rain. 

For more such advice, tips and tricks, visit the Lambre Beauty Blog and get your dose of beauty content.

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