Find Your Skin Type – 7 Easy Steps to Identify the Type of Skin You Have

Did you know that the secret to great skin is to understand your skin type? Only if you know it, you will be able to take care of your skin the right way. Because skincare is not inclusive – one product that might suit a specific skin type may not work on another. And if you have understood the type of skin you have, you become aware of your skin’s unique cravings. As we know it, there are four skin types- normal, dry, oily, and combination. Try this 7-step skin assessment trick to find your skin type and eventually give it the care it is longing for.


Wash your face at night and do not apply any skincare products after that. Avoid keeping the AC on at night during bedtime so that your skin gets to function normally.


In the morning before washing your face, examine various regions including your forehead, T Zone, C-Zone, and cheeks. Keep a mirror handy to check out your pores.


If the T-zone, which is from your forehead down to your nose and chin; and the C-Zone, which is nearer to the ears and your jawline and the temple near the hairline, feel oily or greasy, you have oily skin type.


find your skin type

Look closely in the mirror and check out the condition of your pores. If the pores around your nose and cheeks look open and big, then you have oily skin. Press a tissue in the area, and if you get greasy patches, then you are most likely to suffer from acne and clogged pores.


If your T-zone feels oily or greasy but your forehead and cheeks are dry to touch, then you have a combination skin type.


If in the morning, your skin feels tight and crepey to touch, then you have very dry skin. Look into the mirror – if your pores seem almost non-existent and the skin looks very finely textured, then your skin is dehydrated.


You are a lucky one if your skin feels neither tight nor greasy. It’s a sign that you have a normal skin type. You have barely visible pores and your skin feels supple to touch. Moreover, the skin looks radiant and fresh almost all the time.

So, scrutinize your skin and find your skin type to pick up the right set of skincare products to see your skin in its best state possible. Checking signs of healthy skin will also give you an idea of your skin’s actual status.

How to Care for Your Skin Type

Once you have found the type of skin you own, it’s time to be prudent when it comes to caring for it.  Here are some products that can benefit your skin:

Dry Skin

dry skin products
find your skin type

If you have a dry skin type, your skin lacks hydration. Apart from this weather, diet, and lifestyle can also engender dry skin. To counteract the issue, invest in dry skin products like Lambre Olive Oil Day Cream and night cream. The goodness of olive oil hydrates the deepest skin cells and keeps dryness at bay.

  1. Start your day with the Olive Oil Line Tonic.
  2. To give your skin a post-wash dose of nourishment, apply the day cream.
  3. At night, use Olive Oil Night Cream to speed up the cell renewal process.

Oily Skin

Puberty, bad lifestyle choices and stress can beget overproduction of oil and lead to greasy skin. Fortunately, the correct skincare routine and the right products for oily skin can come to your rescue:

  1. Wash your face with an AHA cleanser 3 in 1.
  2. Moisturise your skin with Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream that controls sebum production.
  3. During the nighttime, use Evermatting Line Nourishing Night And Under Eye Cream.

The product line’s innovative ingredients including Argan Oil, Evermat, Hyalurosmooth, Sphingosomes Moist, and Phytofoam reduce oil production by 89% within 4 weeks.

Normal Skin

find your skin type

Although normal doesn’t crave much attention, a good skincare routine goes a long way in keeping it healthy for longer.

  1. Wash your face and tone it with Lambre Pearl Line Tonic.
  2. Slather on a few dollops of Lambre Pearl Line Cream.
  3. For the neck, use Pearl Line Neck & Decollete Cream.
  4. At night, remove makeup with the help of Lambre Pearl Line Milk.
  5. Wash your face and follow up with Pearl Line Cream.
  6. Moisturise your neck and shoulder with Pearl Line Neck & Decollete Cream.

The pearl extract in these formulations intensely moisturises while addressing the first signs of ageing.

Combination Skin

Here, the skin needs multiple combination skin products to maintain balance.

  1. Cleanse your face with Lambre Pure Face Wash Gel.
  2. Moisturise it using Evermatting Line Matting Day Cream.
  3. Before going to bed, use Pure Therapy Make-Up Remover Micellar Gel.
  4. Wash your face and wear Nourishing Night And Under Eye Cream.

Find your skin type and follow an appropriate skincare routine to keep your skin jaunty forever. Explore Lambre Beauty Blog for more best-kept skincare secrets!


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