5 Signs That Tell You Have Healthy Skin

Who doesn’t crave soft, supple, glowing skin? But, our lifestyle choices, environmental stressors, health concerns, and negligence toward skincare impact the way our skin looks & feels. Well, that ‘lit from within’ radiance depends on how you treat your skin. It’s not just your cream or potion, but also your food, healthy lifestyle, and happiness quotient that go into giving you that happy and healthy skin. 

When you look into the mirror, you want to see a radiant face smiling back at you. You want to see healthy skin, right? Just have a glance at your face and check for these signs of healthy skin:

Sign#1: You Have Even Skin Tone

Consistency is the key everywhere and your skin is no exception. No matter whether you are blessed with a dusky complexion or fair skin tone, the evenness of the colour makes your skin look healthy. A slight hint of redness or yellow tone is natural when it comes to Indian skin tone but the undertones must be seamless.

even skin tone cream
healthy skin

If you have a consistent tone, we felicitate you. But if not, try investing in even skin tone products. You can go ahead with Lambre Helix Curatio, Active Repair – an actively regenerating face serum with the novel ingredient ‘snail slime’. This groundbreaking serum has been formulated with 100% natural snail mucus that’s a source of collagen + vitamins A, C, & E + elastic + protein complex. All work in unison to beget the kind of skin that’s moisturised, radiant, tight, and even-toned. Give this even skin tone cream a whirl and your skin will thank you in return!

Sign#2: Your Skin Texture is Smooth

Maintaining smooth skin texture is a constant battle. But that’s what healthy skin wants. If you inspect your skin closely, you will notice the layout of your pores. If these pores are small and tight, your skin will not only be smooth to touch but will also safe from comedones and acne flare-ups. And if your skin isn’t jaunty, let us dole out some advice – Grab Lambre Pure Therapy AHA Face Cleanser 3 in 1 and let it do the trick. This multi-tasking skincare goodie with the right concentration of AHA fruit acids will unclog your pores and narrow them. With its hydrating and rejuvenating power of AHAs, this innovative formula will deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate to give you the skin texture you deserve. Turn your face cleansing routine into a purification ritual with this gem that’s SLS/SLES-free. One of the must-have poreless skin products out there!

Sign#3: Your Skin Has Got Firmness

even skin tone products
healthy skin

Unless you are not in your 40s or 50s, your skin needs to be firm to maintain its healthy state. And when we say ‘firm’, there should be no or few deep folds, wrinkles, or droopiness. If you don’t enjoy elastic skin, monitor your skin and resort to the face-lifting serum Vipera Curatio. Its synthetic viper venom boosts skin elasticity and grants an instant lifting effect. Wrinkles become shallow and crow lines & fine lines recede in a jiffy. And its efficacy is confirmed by 73% of members in confirmed research! 

Sign#4: Your Skin is soft to Touch

Your skin’s natural moisture is like a boon for your skin. High levels of moisture make skin soft and supple to touch and nary dryness appears on the face. To ensure your skin is getting the hydration it needs, WebMD suggests drinking 2 liters of water if you are a female and 2 liters if you are a male (although this can vary depending on other factors).

Also, if dryness is the real tease, we recommend wearing Lambre Beauty Expert Morning Miracle, 100% Vitamin C Power right after you wash your face to get hydrated skin in no time. This remarkable potion with 5% stable Vitamin C content offers your skin a daily dose of hydration and nourishment. Use to boost hydration levels of your skin by 100% after 3 hours of usage. Apart from remedying dry skin, this hydrating moisturizer is a fuss-free way to achieve that much-coveted ‘lifting effect’.

Sign#5: Your Skin Has Natural Shine

healthy skin

Healthy skin is neither too gleaming nor too dry. Also, the skin in a healthy state secretes enough oils that give it a natural glow. But if this isn’t the case with your skin, rev up and get your hands on Lambre Pure Therapy Gentle Tonic Refreshing & Moisturising. Its natural formulas restore subtle shine and add freshness & smoothness to your complexion. 

If your skin is beset by lack of moisture and looks dull, resuscitate it with the help of Porcelain Skin Face Cream Advanced Lightening. It’s one step away from that glowing and bright skin. Thanks to its new, improved formula possessing extracts from red oranges + capparis spinosa + rice grains + olive leaves. The might combo lessens discolouration, lightens skin, and improves skin tone! 

Now if anyone asks you – “what is healthy skin?” Tell them about these telltale signs so that they can also scrutinize their skin and gauge its status. Keep reading Lambre Beauty Blog for helpful skincare tips!



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