8 Steps to Simple and Easy At-Home Manicure

Our hands are our tools of expression. They are also pretty hardworking – we are constantly using them. We also subject our hands to harsh soaps, detergents minus any moisturiser. End result? Rough and old-looking hands with those fine veins peeping out. In fact, age starts showing on your hands faster than anywhere else and this can exacerbate the condition of your hand. Luckily, you restore their beauty without any fuss. Imagine soft and supple hands always up for stealing your special someone’s heart! Do that by following this simple and easy-to-follow at-home manicure guide and let those hands win all the praises.


Start by laying out the tools and products you will need for your mani treat. You will need an at-home manicure kit that would include manicure products such as nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher, nail brush, nail cutter, nail polish remover, cotton balls, nail colour, base coat, and topcoat. Complete manicure sets also include a hand cleanser and a hand cream. First, remove old nail polish with the polish remover and then wash your nails with a hand cleanser or soap. 


manicure at home

Trim and file your nails. You can go for the popular oval, square, or the squoval (square on top and oval on the sides) shape – whatever you fancy. Then clean and buff your nails. Use a good nail buffer to create a smooth surface that’s easy to work on. Buffing will help you eliminate any ridges while brightening your nails at the same time.


Treat your nails by first applying some cream on them and massaging the nail bed. It’s better to prefer cuticle remover over balm or cream. While cream or balm is great for moisturisation, the cuticle remover exfoliates the nail beds and preps them rightly to make cuticle pushing efficient and speedy. Now, take a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles gently. Avoid cutting them as it can lead to hangnail or infection in the nail bed.


The next step of the at-home manicure is cleansing and exfoliating your hands. Soak your hand in a bowl of warm water to which a few drops of your favourite shampoo or cleanser have been added. Clean your hands and nails with the nail brush. Scrub your hands with a DIY salt scrub or AHA 3 in 1 cleanser. Finally, rinse your hands well with cold water.


manicure at home

Take a generous amount of hand cream and massage it on your hands. Use firm long strokes to massage your fingers and palms. To soften rough & chapped hands and take your hand skin care to the next level, apply a rich mositurising cream like Lambre Vitamin Care Hand Cream. Enriched with multi-vitamins and biotin, this exceptional formula dispels dryness and itchiness. While vitamins A, E, and F help maintain the moisture mantle and repair damaged skin, vitamin B5 relieves irritation and improves skin elasticity. Moreover, biotin bolsters skin metabolism and reduces signs of aging. 


The next step is to put on a base coat to hydrate your nails. Applying a solid base coat will also avoid chipping. Wait for 2-5 minutes before putting on the nail colour.


Take hold of your favourite nail colour – bright or bold, funky like neon, or whatever floats your boat. Apply the first coat. Remember not to overload the nail brush and always keep the layer thin. The best is to coat the sides and the centre of the nail only once. Again, wait for 2-5 minutes before you go ahead with the second coat. For seamless coverage, keep the second coat thin as well.


manicure at home

Finally, apply the topcoat to give a mirror-like shine to your nails and let the nail colour last longer. Be mindful when putting on the topcoat. The application should be precise and non-messy. At last, make sure to clear up any untidy edges with the nail polish remover.

Manicure Types You Can Try

  • French Manicure – Features crescent moon-like coats especially of white colour on the edges of the nails. You can also give the choicest color and shimmer to the edges with the right manicure products.
  • Reverse French Manicure – Quirkier than French manicure, the crescent moon-like coats are done at the base of the nail that lies near to the cuticle.
  • American Manicure – For luxe manicured nails, try American manicure featuring round nails painted in stunning ivory shades.
  • Acrylic Manicure – Includes acrylic nails that are glued on the original nails and then sculpted to the desired shape.
  • Mirror Manicure – For mirror-like nails, a mirror manicure featuring chrome pigments can be given a try.
  • Gel Manicure – Unlike acrylic manicure, gel manicure is soft and flexible. You can also go for gel extensions that come in exciting shapes.

Follow these DIY manicure steps to keep your hands beautiful all year long. Keep scrolling through Lambre Beauty Blog to get your hands on the pulse of the latest makeup trends and skincare tips!


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